The Who in You

This book is meant to speak to a child’s deep inner need for a sense of significance—that feeling inside all of us that says: “You are valuable, important, loved, and your life has meaning and purpose in the sight of God." Follow Luke’s journey to discover the “Who” in him and imagine his joy when he finds the One who lives in him, who alone can bring peace, security and answers that meet all the challenges children face through every stage of growing up.

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Snuggle close to your child and read them this book or let them read it to you! Then let the conversation begin! Opportunities abound to encourage your child in their unique value, purpose and sense of significance!

This is a beautifully illustrated 38 page, 8.5" x 8.5" paperback children's book suitable for all ages.

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Online Giving

I would love to see "The Who in You" go around the world - to have it in orphanages, counseling offices, and inner city wellness clinics. If you'd like to help make my dream a reality, tax deductible donations can be made to my church to Christian Equippers International specifying donations for "The Who in You" distributions: